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Why I offer life-decluttering coaching programs 

Right now, I feel good about myself and my life:

    • I appreciate who I’ve been and what I’ve done in the past,
    • I enjoy who I am and what I’m doing right now (most of the time),
    • and I am looking forward to who I am going to be and what I am going to do in the future.

This was quite different in the past.

As any other human being, I had good and not so good times in my life.

However, in my case most of the time things were going well and I was doing well.

But I didn’t feel well all the time.

Often I felt somehow stuck. I felt miserable or sad without having a clear reason, and then I used to beat myself up for being miserable – which didn’t make things better – not for me and not for the people in my life.

The big change happened for me when I got into life coaching and self-coaching some years ago.

Since then, my personal and my professional focus has been on learning how we can feel better and how we can make life better.

All the studying, training and practising of coaching and self-coaching concepts and tools has worked out very well for me.

Yes, I still feel miserable from time to time but I no longer beat myself up, I now accept negative feelings as part of my experience as a human being.

And now I know that and how I can get unstuck, how I can make me feel better, even at times when the circumstances outside of me are not at all ideal.

Making ourselves feel better is not always easy, but it’s learnable and it’s doable, and that’s fantastic!

You can change your life to the better, too!

My purpose in life now is to help others to move through their feeling-better learning processes faster and easier than I did, with less investment of time, effort and money.

That’s why I offer freebie programs, and why I’ve designed life-decluttering coaching programs. 

Let’s talk about the clutter in your life and find out how my coaching services can help you let go of what doesn’t serve you (things, thoughts, feelings), so that you can move on with our life, with new clarity, energy, joy.

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