decluttering my home helps me change my life

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What’s happening in your life right now?

Do you want to make some changes? Do you need to change? Yourself? Your home? Your life?

No problem – you can decide to enjoy the change process and use it as an opportunity to make things not only different but better.

Decluttering your home can help you change your life

A successful decluttering project changes our home in a positive way, it makes it more comfortable and enjoyable.

And creating a clear and organised home base supports feelings of competence and confidence, which makes it easier to also approach and manage other changes in our life in a powerful way.

Often, going through a decluttering process is even a precondition of a desired or necessary change in our life (for example: after divorce or before we downsize).

If we prepare the process carefully, if we organise it in a systematic way and conduct it consciously, we can use our decluttering project as a life-change tool.

Change is never easy. 

Our human brain hates anything new or unknown, it wants us to stay away from potential risk and danger.

This explains why we stick to what we have even if it doesn’t serve us and why we often don’t want to change our current situation even if we don’t like it: It feels safe.

So we can expect that the decision to release clutter and make changes in our life will reveal another layer of ‘clutter’:

mental and emotional barriers that we need to overcome if we want to change what we currently have in our life.

The 3 steps to declutter your home and change your life

My simple and clear 3-step decluttering approach enables you to become aware of the internal obstacles and to develop strategies to overcome them.

You very quickly get good at letting go of what keeps you stuck and at successfully managing any type of change:

    • Changes of life circumstances (e.g. becoming an empty nester, entering retirement, downsizing to a smaller place, getting divorced, loss of a loved one)
    • Changes of personal purpose/focus (e.g. becoming a happier person, getting rid of any self-limiting clutter thoughts, creating an enjoyable home)

Whether it’s the physical stuff in your home, or the unhelpful thoughts in your mind, or the challenges you encounter in your life – you always take just 3 steps to clear up the mess.

It’s easy to learn the 3 life-decluttering steps, and it’s easy to apply them.

Let’s talk and find out how you can use the 3 steps to clear up any clutter in your life, and to manage change successfully.

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