3 steps into a clutterfree life

‘Clutterfree Life’ Coaching for Women 50plus

Are you 50plus – and ready to let go and move on?

Are you ready to let go of the clutter in your life – so you can move on with new clarity and energy?

Are you determined to create real change at this stage of your life – and to do it from a clean place?

Creating a clutterfree home is a great starting point if you want to clear up your life.

Sorting through your belongings and making decisions about what you want to keep and what you no longer need helps you clarify your values and define your priorities in life.

How do you get started?

Some help from a personal and experienced supporter might be all you need to make your next decluttering project a sustainable success.

And your life lighter.

Consider working with a ‘Clutterfree Life’ Coach.

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My name is Margot.

I am a qualified professional organiser and a certified life coach.

Working in both professions for many years has made me really good at life-decluttering.

And my clear and simple 3-step decluttering approach enables my clients to become clutterfree-life experts as well.

Let’s work as a team together and use my home- and mind-decluttering expertise to help you let go of the ‘too much’ – all the physical stuff that doesn’t serve you (any longer)  but also all the limiting thoughts and feelings that keep you stuck.

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A successful decluttering project has so many benefits:

    • You not only gain more space and order in your home,
    • you also build up clarity, confidence, and peace in your mind,
    • and you fill your life with more energy, passion and lightness.

My mindful decluttering approach is very clear and simple.

Whether it’s physical stuff in your home or limiting and unhelpful thoughts in your mind, it takes just 3 steps to clear up the mess:

    1. Gaining Awareness
    2. Making Decisions
    3. Taking Action

It’s easy to learn these 3 steps, and it’s easy to apply them to clear up any clutter in your life.

So, are you now – at 50plus – ready to let go of the stuff that doesn’t serve you and to move on into a clutterfree lighter life?

If you are truly committed to create positive change,

you can decide to use my support

to make your next decluttering project a success

and get really good at managing your mind and life.

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Margot Krekeler

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