Clutterfree Life Transitions

Clutterfree Life Transitions – Preparations – Part 1


This is the first article in a series: ‘Preparation of your decluttering/change project’.

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The purpose of the series is to help use the home-decluttering process to confidently and successfully manage all kinds of change:

    • Expected or planned transitions (e.g. becoming an empty nester, moving to another place, entering retirement)
    • Sudden or unexpected life-changing events (e.g. loss of a partner, loss of job)
    • Changes of lifestyle or circumstance based on a personal decision (e.g. moving to another country, starting a new career, changing to a minimalist-lifestyle)

By sorting through your belongings and letting go what no longer serves you, you gain clarity, focus and new energy on your journey into the next stage of your life.

The decision to release all forms of clutter (physical/mental/emotional), is the first and most important step in the process of positively changing your life:

You are determined to do the work and to create space in your home and mind for new things and opportunities to come in.

Where are you now? How did you get there? What’s your change challenge?

To plan and organise your declutter/change journey properly, you need to have a clear idea about where it begins. And why.

Start with an assessment of the causes and the consequences of the upcoming transition:

    • Why do you want/have to change?
    • What type of change are you going to go through?
    • Is it a natural transition or a forced/unwanted one?
    • How do you feel about it? Are you looking forward to your new life? Or do you feel afraid and worried about it?
    • Will your life change slightly or significantly? How will it affect your life style and living circumstances?
    • Are other people involved? How do they think/feel about it?

Now think about your current situation, your daily routines, your home and your belongings.

    • How would you describe your living/personal style?
    • Do you feel comfortable when you are at home? Easy to relax? Why? Why not?
    • Do you know exactly what you own, and where you can find what you need/wish to use?
    • Do you look forward to sorting through your stuff? Why? Why not?
    • What items are most essential to you?
    • Are there ‘things’ you feel emotionally connected with?
    • Have you accumulated a lot of possessions over time? Too many? If yes, why?
    • Do you think there is a lot of physical clutter? Things that belong to the past? Or to the present that you’ll leave behind soon?
    • Is there a special type of clutter/disorder you tend to be struggling with?
    • Will it be difficult to make decisions about what to keep and what to discard? Why?

You don’t have to find the final answers right now.

Just start moving around in your home with more attention. Look around in every room and ‘study’ your belongings.

Notice what you like, what you don’t like, what you need and use, what you have neglected for some time.

Now you are ready to think about the future, about ‘Where you want to go. It’s also helpful to look at your home and belongings with fresh eyes, and to discover your ‘clutter hot spots and your ‘treasures”.

Take the first step of your mind- (and life-) decluttering journey today.

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