G – Do you expect me to throw out everything during the decluttering phase of the process?

Definitely not!

It’s your life, your change project, and it’s your stuff – you are the only person to decide what you wish to keep and what you no longer need!

It’s my experience, though, that we all keep too many things longer than we need and use them.

The 5-step ‘Let go – Move on’ program (READ MORE) enables you to sort out your physical and emotional clutter in a very systematic way. 

Before you declutter anything, you take the time to thoroughly evaluate and ‘understand’ your belongings. You ‘study’ anything you own – especially the clutter –  and explore its former meaning and value. Now – based on your goals for the next phase of your life – you consider and decide what’s of current and future value to you. These are the things you keep. Knowing  for sure what still has value to you  helps to loosen your attachment to the objects and issues of your past, sort them out and let them go. Then you are free to move on with your life, with confidence.

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