I – Do you take ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos?

Yes, I take ‘before’ and ‘after’ images while I am working with my clients on their change projects.

However, I never share photos of a client project publicly, – they have been taken in my clients’ very private sphere and refer to a very personal situation, and I feel they have to remain just that – private reminders of a very personal change experience.

We usually take ‘before’-photographs in ‘Step 2 – Mapping the space’ of the ‘Let go – Move on’ program.

During the course of the project, they help you to move on whenever exhaustion sets in and motivation levels go down.

At the end of the project, these images prove the success of your hard work: You can compare them with the ‘after’-photos which we take when the hands-on decluttering in ‘Step 4 – Getting active’ has been finished.

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