E – I have a friend/family member who struggles in a life-change situation. Can I book you to assist them?

I firmly believe that nobody can ‘arrange’ change for someone else.

Even if we desperately wish to help someone who is suffering and struggling in a situation or even crisis of a huge life transition, – we are definitely not the ones who can’t clear the situation for them.

Your friend/family member is the only person who can decide to tackle and manage the challenge.

Ask your friend/family member if they agree to get to know me – I’m well prepared to come to their place for a short meeting, so that we can discuss the many benefits of the ‘Sorting out – Letting go’ process.

If after our conversation they agree to start working on their change challenge, I’ll be happy to support  your friend/family member on their journey into the new phase of their life.

However, if there is still resistance or hesitation, we all should accept that starting a change project at this point in time doesn’t make sense.

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