B – What is clutter?

‘Clutter’ can be defined as any obsolete object “that weighs you down, distracts you, or depletes your energy”. It “is symbolic of your attachment to something from the past that must be released in order to make room for change”. (Julie Morgenstern)

Our personal situation and perception determine what clutter is – it can mean something different for every individual. Clutter can be anything that you keep/store although it no longer serves you: you don’t like it, you don’t need it, you don’t use it.

Clutter may – for example – consist of items that

  • don’t belong or don’t fit into your spaces
  • don’t have a ‘permanent home’
  • are not/no longer used
  • are broken/damaged
  • don’t add value to your life
  • you are storing for someone else
  • prevent you from using the space for its intended purpose

Clutter takes your time, energy and space without offering any real benefit to you. Living in a cluttered environment can be very stressful and harmful to our general well-being, mental health and social relationships.This is true at any time of your life, thus it’s important to keep an eye on your clutter-levels on a continuous basis.

However, getting rid of clutter is an absolute necessity whenever you find yourself in a situation of personal change. Your physical and emotional clutter holds you back. It’s very difficult or even impossible to move forward, into a new phase of your life, if you are surrounded by too much stuff that’s related to the past and no longer useful.

Let go of the clutter, and move on!

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