How to switch from problem- to solution-focused thinking - Part 12

How our thoughts create our problems

The purpose of the ‘Powerful Questions Series’ is to help us open up our mind to new possibilities and development options.

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Our thoughts often create problems. But they can also help us create solutions.

We can’t create positive results and solutions if our thoughts focus on problems, on all the things that should be different.

The good news is that if we ‘create’ our problems by choosing certain thoughts, we can also solve our problems – by choosing different thoughts.

Click here for an example of a successful thought-switch.

Next time when things are not as you wish or expect them to be and you realise that you think you have a problem, you could ask yourself:

    • ‘Why do I think that this is a problem?’
    • ‘How could it not be a problem?’
    • ‘What would I be thinking if I always searched for solutions?’

You can use your next decluttering project to become an expert in managing your thoughts while at the same time you are getting your physical stuff cleared up.

If you struggle to switch to solution-focused thinking, or if you find it difficult to plan and manage your decluttering project(s) successfully – just get in touch.

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