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Margo Krekeler

About – Personal & Professional Background

Welcome @ Let Go – Move On!

My name is Margo and I am a ‘clutterfree life’ coach.

This is a new profession (I invented it) that combines the qualities and skills of a professional organiser – a specialist in home decluttering – and a life coach – an expert in mind decluttering.

My clients are women 50 plus who have enough of having too much stuff in their life, who want to clear it all up – and move on – with lightness and clarity.

They have lived a full live and they have accumulated so much over the years – experiences, skills, knowledge, family, friends, other relationships, careers and accomplishments, money, and possessions.

Now they are at a point at which they want to make some changes.

Yes, they want to keep the good stuff, of course, but they are determined to get rid of all the ‘too much’ – that no longer serves them and eats up their time, energy, space,

They decided that it is the right time to enjoy themselves, and they want to enjoy the right amount of the right stuff in their life.

We use my mindful decluttering approach to help them

    • gain awareness of what they have,
    • make decisions about what they really need and wish to have,
    • and take action to create the home and life they want.

What about you?

Do you also have the nagging feeling that the clutter in your home is keeping your stuck in your life?

Let’s talk about the clutter in your life and find out how my coaching services can help you let go of what doesn’t serve you (things, thoughts, feelings), so that you can move on with our life, with new clarity, energy, joy.

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