Practice your decluttering skills – and create positive changes in your life

The key to a better life is to clear up the clutter – the clutter in our home, in our mind, in our life.

Getting rid of what no longer serves us not only creates space and order in our home.

We also gain more clarity and direction in our mind, and more lightness and joy in our life. 

Give it a try – start your decluttering journey with a small project, and enjoy fast results

As we all know, getting active is not always easy, especially if we feel worried about the size and complexity of a project.

It often helps to start small.

If we begin with an easy project and finish it successfully, in a short period of time, with tangible results, our self-confidence and motivation get a boost.

Free Declutter-Life Workshop

My little online workshop enables you to experience, practice and enjoy a simplified version of the 5 steps of the ‘Let Go – Move On’ program.

Over 5 successive days, you’ll receive one email each day,

  • with a brief introduction to one of the 5 steps and
  • with a link to an exercise that helps you to get active.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a good understanding of the declutter-life process, and you’ll have successfully sorted out one area of your home.

The subsequent newsletter-emails will provide you with further decluttering information, and tips and tricks to support you on your declutter-life journey. 

Change your life to the better – get the clutter out!

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It’s easy to think that decluttering is hard.   And yes, often it’s not so easy. 

However, it’s absolutely doable – we just have to get started. ☺

Get started with decluttering your life – now:

The combination of workshop and coaching will definitely help you to make your declutter project a success.