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Home organising – What’s your ‘weak point’? – Forget about it!

Nobody is perfect. We can’t (and we don’t have to) be good at everything.

The benefits of getting help in sorting out our home-organising ‘weak points’:

We gain additional energy and time for the things we are good at. And get rid of our clutter worries.

This little story is not about a client (Client Success Stories) but about a former colleague of mine. It’s about my friend Reliable Rita.

For many, many years, Reliable Rita has been working reliably, efficiently and emphatically in and for private households – very different types of households which all have their special needs and expectations.

Reliable Rita meets them all. She is fast and efficient, attentive and encouraging, careful and caring. Her clients love her and feel lost whenever Reliable Rita takes a few days off.

Thus, I was very astonished to hear from Reliable Rita some years ago that she is a normal human being, too. She has a ‘weak’ point. 🙂

When we had a cup of coffee together, Rita told me how much she hated paper. And how much she worried about paper-clutter in her home. She couldn’t manage to get her private paperwork organised. It was a mess. She felt permanently afraid she could lose an important document or miss an important formal deadline.

How asking for help allows us to let go of (some of) our worries

I offered to get that sorted out for her. Rita went home and came back with three big (and really ugly looking) boxes, some overflowing files and lots of loose pieces of paper. – Yes, it definitely was a mess. I understood her worries.

However, it took me just four hours to throw out most of the stuff she had collected. I then created just one folder for all her personal important papers, separated into different categories.

Reliable Rita was very glad to get rid of the mess and just one folder back. And she immediately understood the simple filing system. She took her folder and went off, feeling relieved of any ‘paper-clutter pain’.

After many years – living far away from each other – I met Reliable Rita again recently. She told me that she still has that one folder with all her important papers in it. And that she easily manages to keep it updated (and not to worry about paper stuff).

I don’t tell this story because I believe that I am the most ‘fantastic paper declutterer’ on earth. I know for sure that I’m not. To be honest, paper is one of my personal ‘clutter hot spots’, too. (Read more about ‘clutter hot spots’ here)

I like to tell it because this little story nicely demonstrates that nobody can be excellent at everything.

Sometimes it can be helpful if we admit that we need help in a special regard – the solution to our worries might be closer at hand and easier to get than we assumed.

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