How my personal life transitions helped me to become a Declutter & Change Expert

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My name is Margot but many people find it easier to spell it ‘Margo’.

I grew up  in a small town in Germany as the oldest of five daughters

Over the many years of my professional career – in managerial positions across different industries and by running my own businesses – I gained broad experience in cooperating with and leading others.

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I also learnt a lot about change.

Moving from one position to the next required adjustment:

    • letting go of those sets of knowledge and skills, working routines and guidelines that were no longer relevant,
    • and moving on by building up other or additional sets required in the new working environment.

Working and studying in foreign countries has also helped to expand my professional capabilities and my personal strengths.

Over the years, my husband and I moved from Germany to South Africa, to Hong Kong, back to Germany, and finally to Australia.

Prior to our departure to Australia, I ran my own business in Germany.

We, I had a team of experienced people at my side, offered a broad range of services for private households: Supporting seniors in their daily lives, taking care of children during the absence of their parents, house-cleaning, and household-organising. Having personal relationships with clients in more than 250 households allowed me to learn a lot about the needs and requirements of people in their private environment.

Since our move to Australia in 2014, I’ve continued working with people in their personal environment, first as a professional home organiser, now as a declutter-life coach

Based on my experience and knowledge, I’ve developed Mind-Decluttering Coaching Programs, which help my clients let go of mental and emotional clutter – so that they can move on with their life, with purpose and passion

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