Living on Purpose Series - Part 1

How to get unstuck at 50plus – LIVING AND ENJOYING LIFE ON PURPOSE


It’s not difficult to get a bit stuck when we turn 50 or older. Maybe it’s even quite ‘normal’ to feel somehow frustrated at this time of our life?

Whatever our personal challenges are, many of us find it increasingly difficult to feel excited about our current and future life.

Deep down we know that there must be more out there for us but we feel unsure where to find the meaningfulness we yearn for in our life.

And realising that most probably more than half of our time on this planet has gone by doesn’t help to lighten the mood.

So how can we get unstuck and excited about ourselves and our life again?

We make a courageous decision – the decision to start living on purpose again.

We decide to take our life back in our hands and to get clear on who we want to be and how we want to live our life, now and in future.

The great thing is that we have all we need to get started making changes now:

We own the most important change-management tool in the world – the human mind.

Our mind – the thoughts we are thinking – determines how our life looks like and how we feel about ourselves:

Our thoughts create our feelings – which fuel our actions – which create the results in our life.

If we learn how to let go of limiting thoughts and feelings, we start creating space in our mind and we can move on with new and more powerful thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Living on purpose means thinking, feeling and acting on purpose.

It’s a skill that’s particularly useful at 50plus because it helps us shift our focus:

Instead of sticking to the past we turn around and start moving into an exciting future again.

Mind-decluttering is very similar to home-decluttering

The mind-decluttering steps of my clearly structured Living on Purpose Program are actually very similar to the steps we take when we declutter our physical belongings.

Imagine you decide to declutter your wardrobe.

  • You first take everything out so that you get a clear idea of all the clothes you currently have.
  • You then make some tough decisions about the stuff that doesn’t serve you (any longer). You get rid of everything you no longer need or want to have in your wardrobe.
  • And then you have gained new space to reorganise everything so that your clothes are easily accessible and usable. Now you can enjoy your wardrobe and what’s in there again.

The Living on Purpose Program follows the same 3 steps:

The Living on Purpose at 50plus Program

The major goal of the Living on Purpose Program is to help you let go of limiting thoughts and feelings so that you can move on with you life, with purpose and passion.

The second goal is to help you enjoy the mind-decluttering process and create positive results as quickly and easily as possible.

We achieve these goals with the help of a comprehensive ‘mind-decluttering tool box’ of various cognitive behavioural concepts and exercises.

During our one-on-one coaching sessions you learn to understand yourself and your thoughts, feelings, and actions better. Additional homework-exercises help you to practice your mind-decluttering skills in your daily life.

You get better and better at understanding how your mind works and how you can use this powerful tool to solve problems, make changes and achieve goals. 

The benefits of the Living on Purpose Program

At the end of the program, you will have a clutterfree mind and a clear idea of

  • who you are,
  • how you want to show up in your life and
  • how you can get from where you are now to where you want to be.

You will feel good about yourself and your life – and you will be very good at living on purpose!

Are you curious now to learn more about my mind-decluttering coaching approach and how it can help you create the life you want?

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