Mind-Decluttering Series - Part 17 - what s in your hand bag

The link between your hand bag and your mind – The Mind-Decluttering Series – Part 17

Decluttering & organising your mind – Get started with a little physical exercise

Physical decluttering is a great analogy for mind decluttering.

Getting rid of useless tangible belongings is similar to getting rid of thoughts that don’t serve you (any longer).

And re-organising a now clutterfree area in your home is similar to re-organising your cleared-up mind.

Start-up Project: Declutter and organise a small personal space

Decluttering – whether it’s our home or our mind – can feel a little overwhelming.

By starting with a very small example project you will be able to get the work done in a matter of minutes.

Your little physical decluttering project will help you get a better understanding of the decluttering process in general.

You will directly experience how the 3 steps of any declutter project work together in setting you free to move on with confidence.

Choose a personal space that you use on a daily basis, like your purse or backpack or briefcase.

Your chosen personal space can be seen as a reflection of who you are.

If it is cluttered and unorganised it sends the message – to others and to yourself – that the owner of this space is disorganised.

Each time you grapple with trying to find what you need or you suffer from the heavy useless stuff you carry around in your bag, you experience frustration which reinforces the message ‘I am so disorganised’.

However, if you open an organised clutterfree space – in this case your purse or briefcase -, you send yourself the opposite message, ‘I am organised’. This changes the story you tell yourself about yourself.

As soon as you have decluttered a space that you access multiple times during the day, you will be repeatedly reminded that you are able to do the decluttering work successfully. You will also have clear proof that you can overcome the overwhelm.

You will enjoy the benefits of organised spaces every time you use the decluttered item. 

Step-by-step description of the example project

Step 1 – Clear up the space

Dump all the contents of your chosen personal space (briefcase, or similar item) on a flat clean surface.

Sort into categories, such as personal care items, personal documents (driver’s licence, bus ticket, etc.), and put aside a rubbish pile (all the things that are obviously useless).

Step 2 – Let go of the clutter

Throw the rubbish pile (e.g. crumpled tissues, old receipts) into the bin.

Sort out what you never use, and let go of all the duplicates, e.g. the second comb, the second and third pen, the second roll of peppermint drops.

Appreciate all the things that are helpful and important to you and promise yourself to take good care of them in future.

Step 3 – Move on – with a clear bag

Now decide: What do I really need and use on a daily basis?

Pack your bag deliberately, put aside what you are no longer willing to carry around every day. (Reserve the umbrella for rainy days, the sun cream for summer, the novel for times when you use public transport, etc.)

Find appropriate compartments in your bag or containerise what belongs together. Your wallet is such a container. You can introduce additional containers if it make sense, e.g. little bags for make-up items or note-taking equipment.

Congratulations – You have proven yourself that you are a capable declutterer! Well done!

Now you can feel certain that you’ll enjoy your clutterfree and organised personal space – every day.

Notice how you else you feel at the end of this little decluttering project.

Do you feel relief? Satisfaction? Clarity? Pride? Something else?

Decluttering a physical area is such a great analogy for decluttering your mind, because getting rid of useless things is similar to getting rid of thoughts and feelings that don’t serve you

Your mind gets as easily cluttered as your home if you don’t pay attention.

The big and important difference is that a cluttered mind is much more harmful to your wellbeing than a cluttered home.

It’s definitely worth the effort to make sure that your mind is clutterfree and organised!

Take the first step of your mind- (and life-) decluttering journey today.

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