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Retirement rEadiness Check

7 Questions
to Clarify Your Relationship
with Personal Paperwork

Start to plan and organise your retirement with competence and confidence

"This guide helped me realise how much unnecessary paperwork I had. It opened my eyes to the need for a radical change." – J. D.


is the perfect tool for you,
if you are determined

to create a relaxed and enjoyable retirement life,

to plan & organise it intentionally, and

to get rid of an unnecessary burden: too much paperwork.

Are you ready to create the retirement life you want?

Are you ready to take control of the paperwork you've accumulated over the years - and step into your well-organised retirement with clarity and lightness?

This guide will help your get ready.

You will gain clarity on the current state of your physical and digital paperwork with seven insightful questions.

And you will learn about a powerful - and radical - solution for managing all your life's information effectively.

"Margot's approach is straightforward and effective. This guide has helped me see that I could/should be more radical with decluttering my papers as I prepare for retirement." – S. K.

7 Questions
to Clarify Your Relationship
with Personal Paperwork

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