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From Clutter to Clarity -

A clutterfree life is a better life

from feeling cluttered to feeling good

Your Clutterfree Life:
Private Coaching Program

Building the mindset and the skills you need to create a clutterfree life

and to enjoy more spaciousness, clarity, order, lightness.

Are you ready?

  • Ready to declutter & organise your home? - So you can enjoy more spaciousness, clarity, order, lightness in your daily life?
  • Ready to have a serious conversation with your human brain?  - And to get rid of any clutter-creating thoughts and beliefs?
  • Ready to join forces with me, your Clutterfree Life Coach? - So you can clear up the mental and physical clutter easier and faster than you could do on your own?

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The cause and the solution of any clutter problem:
Our human brain

Our human brain is a clutter-lover.

Our brain wants us to grap whatever we can put our hands on, and it doesn’t want us to let go of anything that we currently have in our life.

And, as humans, we are used to listen to our brain all the time. We believe in the truth of any thought that comes up in our mind, without questioning it.

We don't choose deliberately what we want to think and do, what we want to have in our life.

That’s why we all have clutter – stuff that doesn’t serve us – in our home, in our mind, in our life.

That’s why there is nothing wrong with you – you just have a human brain! - if you struggle to get rid of all the ‘too much’ in your life.

Our human brain loves to follow a strong leader.

The wonderful thing about being a human being is that we can decide to take control of what's going on in our brain, and what we want to have and not have in our life.

YOU can decide – right now - to stop listening to your brain’s ‘clutter thoughts’.

Tell your brain that from now on you take the lead.

That you are the one who decides how your home and life are going to look like.

And that you have all the skills and support you need to declutter and re-organise what currently is.

Faster and easier than your brain ever thought to be possible.

Prove to your brain that you are in charge now.
Take the first step into a life without clutter - today.

Are you aware of what's going on in your brain?

The problem with our wonderful human brain is that we usually are not aware of what’s going on up there.

We just listen to our brain and do what it wants us to do.

And that can get us into trouble, it can get us to some places where we actually don’t want to be (like living in a home that’s cluttered with stuff that we don’t need, that we don’t use, that we don’t love).

Your brain is probably very good at telling you things like

  • ‘Oh no, don’t do this, don’t throw anything out. You might need it again in future.’
  • ‘Forget about decluttering the garage – it costs you more time than you have.’
  • ‘Decluttering & organising? You? You have no idea how to do it!’
  • ‘Getting rid of your mothers’ paintings? Are you joking? She’ll get mad at you.’
  • ‘This is hard work. And it will feel uncomfortable. No. No, let’s forget about it.’
  • ‘No, no, no! You’ve tried this so often. And it never worked out. It never will.’
  • ‘Getting rid of all these photos? How can you even consider this? Do you want to throw your life story into the bin?’
  • ‘You have so much on your plate currently. Leave this for now. You might have more time over Christmas.’
  • ‘Remember what they all told you? You’ve been messy all your life, even as a child. That’s just how you are.’
  • ‘It doesn’t make sense to invest time and energy into this. The clutter will come back anyway.’
  • ‘This is not for you. You never finish anything. You don’t have the willpower and discipline.’

Do you recognise some of these thoughts?
What are your brain's favourite clutter thoughts?

Confronting your brain with an outside view brings clarity.

If we look at them here, written on paper, we can immediately see how ridiculous thoughts like the examples listed above are.

However, in our normal daily life, we usually don’t see that.

If you are like me and most of my clients, you don’t question the clutter thoughts your brain comes up with - because you are so used to thinking them. You believe they are the truth.

Being inside of your home and inside of your own mind can make it very difficult to clearly see what’s actually going on here, and what your options for creating positive changes in your home and daily life are.

That’s why the support of a coach, an expert who has an outside view, can be so helpful.

This is what many clients tell me after joining me in the private coaching program: 

In the past, often for many years, they struggled to get started and they postponed their decluttering projects again and again - because they (their brain!) thought the work would be so/too hard to do for them. 

Then, as soon as we start working together, they realise that it is actually easier to do than they thought - because now they are no longer so ‘deeply in it’.

Having me at their side, taking in my questions, observations, ideas, helps them see that their clutter thoughts are not the truth.

They realise that they can decide to let go of the self-limiting thoughts and instead build a more supportive and helpful mindset:

A clutterfree mindset - the foundation of a clutterfree home and life.

Let's combine your inside view and my outside view

  • so you can clear up your mind,
  • so you can realise your home decluttering plans successfully,
  • so you can enjoy more spaciousness, clarity, order, lightness in your home and life,
  • faster and easier than you could do it on your own.

What can you expect from a Clutterfree Life Coach?

It’s time to introduce myself.

My name is Margot - and I am a Clutterfree Life Coach - a combination of a life coach (focus: mind clutter) and a professional organiser (focus: physical clutter).

Margot - Clutterfree Life Coach at Let Go - Move On

Most of my clients are women 50plus. Women, who have decided that it's time to clear up their life, to make some changes and improvements. They want to have more space for themselves, more clarity, more lightness. They want to feel good - about themselves, their home, their life. 

We use my simple 3-step decluttering process to help them get rid of all the 'stuff' that no longer serves them.

Usually, we start with the physical clutter in their homes. This naturally leads us to the mind clutter, all those limiting thoughts and beliefs that make their life unnecessarily difficult.

My clients become experts in letting go of any clutter and this frees them up to move on, and to fully enjoy themselves, their home, their life.


When they first come to me, many of my clients tell me that they have a clutter problem and that they have this problem because there is something wrong with them. They think they’re failing at something that most other people manage well.

But – as you know now - if you have clutter and feel disorganised it’s not because there is something wrong with you. 

It’s simply that you haven’t yet learnt the powerful mindset skills to manage your human, clutter-loving brain.

I can show you how to manage your brain and your home successfully:

  • As a qualified professional organiser I know all the tips and tricks that you need to do the physical decluttering work,
  • and as a certified life coach I can guide you through the mental and emotional decluttering process.

When you work with me, you can let go of any overwhelm, stress, confusion. You can relax.

Because you know that you no longer have to do this alone. You know that you have an experienced partner at your side - someone who’s there for you, ready and well prepared to guide, support, and encourage you all the way, from start to finish.

Are you ready to join forces with me,
your Clutterfree Life Coach?

So you can clear up the mental and physical clutter
easier and faster than you could do on your own?

The 3 steps it takes to let go of the clutter and create more spaciousness, clarity, order, and lightness.

Decluttering your home and life is less effort and more fun when you know exactly what to do and how to do it. 

My simple and clear 3-step decluttering approach enables you - while you are decluttering your home - to clear up your mind as well and get rid of any self-limiting beliefs and feelings.

Whether it’s physical stuff in your home, unhelpful thoughts in your mind, or challenges you encounter in your life – it always takes you just 3 steps to clear up the mess and create clarity, spaciousness, lightness, order.

My 3 steps are always applicable, and they’re simple to follow once you learn the skills:

  1. Gain awareness of all the 'stuff' you currently have in your home and daily life and get crystal-clear on what you really need and want to have in your life. 
  2. Make decisions about your priorities and about the change you want to make, and choose the actions, strategies, and tools that enable you to realise the change. 
  3. Take action to get rid of any unnecessary 'stuff', take control of what’s happening in your home and daily life - and actively create the life experience you want.

I can teach you the 3 steps
and very soon you will be a decluttering expert
and well prepared to create the home and life you want.

It takes you just 6 weeks
to become a Clutterfree Life Expert.

The amount of time, effort, and energy you need to invest to create a clutterfree home depends on the size of your home and the amount of clutter in it, of course. In most cases, 6 weeks are not enough to clear it all up.

However, 6 weeks are enough time for you to get really good a applying my simple 3-step decluttering approach. And that's all you need to clear up your home and your life.

In my private coaching program we - you and I - meet weekly over the course of 6 weeks (via Zoom).

We first take the 3 steps together to define and describe your ultimate decluttering goal(s).

And then you pick one area in your home you want to focus on, and while decluttering and reorganising it, you practice the 3 steps in depth.  

Besides the repeated application of the 3-step approach, my private coaching program looks different for each of my clients.

Because the program is 100% customised to your unique personality, situation, and needs.

This means that we can and will adjust the direction and content of our work to whatever comes up for you.

Shall we get started?

Here’s how it works
and what’s included in our 6 weeks together:

Your weekly meetings (6 x 45 to 60 min Zoom Calls) – Expect a mix of coaching, teaching, advising, experimenting, and practicing to happen in our weekly meetings. Together, we’ll take the 3 steps of my mindful decluttering approach, again and again. This will ensure that you’ll get all the practice you need to become an expert in gaining awareness, making decisions, and taking action.

Your weekly homework/exercises – At the end of each Zoom call, you’ll decide what you want to focus on during the coming 7 days. This could be a clearly defined decluttering project, an awareness exercise, experimenting with various decluttering strategies or tools, or other activities that help you get insights and make progress.

Your unlimited email support – There is no reason for you to fear that you could get stuck in between the weekly sessions. Because you can get in touch with me via email whenever questions or obstacles come up and we’ll get it sorted out together, immediately. Send me an email at any time and I’ll get back to you within 48 working hours.

Your follow-up meeting – We’ll arrange this additional Zoom call 3 or more weeks after the end of your 6 weeks with me. Knowing that this meeting is coming up will help you stay on track and continue working on your decluttering and organising project(s). We will use the follow-up meeting to evaluate your progress and celebrate your successes. We’ll also find answers to potential problems and discuss your future plans - so that you’ll leave our final meeting with a clear idea of what you are going to do next on your decluttering and organising journey.

Your personal decluttering tool-box – Some of my clients call this box their ‘treasure chest’ - because they value its content so much. Your box is unique. It’s a collection of all - and only - the strategies, tools, exercises that have proven to be the most useful and helpful to you during the 6 weeks of the program. You can take this box with you - and you’ll have everything you need to make your future decluttering projects successful.

Your time-investment - 2 to 3 hours per week – That’s the ideal amount of time you want to schedule in your calendar every week for the duration of the program: 45 to 60 minutes for our Zoom meeting and additional time to do some practical and mental decluttering work.

Your financial investment –  AUD 950  AUD 860 (special price for my newsletter subscribers) – This amount covers everything listed above: Our weekly meetings, the ongoing email-support, the preparation of the weekly homework/exercises, the follow-up meeting, your personal decluttering tool-box.  

Are YOU ready?

Ready to take the first step into your clutterfree life?

Make sure that YOU are the one who makes the decision. 


Your brain won’t be ready. It will never be ready – because it hates any change. And it loves the clutter - so it will never agree to invest time, effort, energy, and money to get rid of it.

Even if the alternative is that you stay stuck or unhappy - not feeling as good about your home, your life, yourself as you want to.

So if YOU have enough of the 'too much stuff' in your home and life,

if YOU want to change things to the better,

YOU need to decide.

If your answer is 'Yes!',

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I'm so much looking forward to meeting you soon,

in 'Your Clutterfree Life: Private Coaching Program'.


Margot - Clutterfree Life Coach @ Let Go - Move On

PS - Anything else you want to know about my program, or about me? Just get in touch!