How to feel better series - part 8 - appreciating the good stuff

Appreciating the good stuff in our life – How-to-feel-better Series – Part 8

Appreciating the good stuff in our life – The ‘Treasure Chest’ Exercise

Daily practising our appreciation of the good things in our life helps us to strengthen our positive-feeling ‘muscle’. It makes us feel better.

The ‘Treasure Chest’ Exercise

The purpose of the ‘Treasure Chest’ exercise is to come up with positive thoughts about the things we value and appreciate in our life, all the stuff we are grateful for and happy about.

These thoughts in turn will help us to fill up our personal ‘treasure chest’ of positive feelings:

All the appreciation, gratefulness, and happiness we add to our ‘treasure chest’ today will keep our heart warm during the cloudy or stormy periods of our life.

The special feature of the exercise is that we commit ourselves to adhere to two special and strict rules:

  • We write down at least 5 positive/happy thoughts each day.
  • We are not allowed to list any thought twice. That’s why we take care to be very specific when we describe/write down our thoughts.

Not allowing ourselves to repeat any thoughts strengthens our ability to discover all the good stuff in our life – the big important things, and also the smaller great stuff that’s happening every day.

How to do the ‘Treasure Chest’ exercise

  • We sit down and decide how many positive thoughts we will add to our ‘treasure chest’ this day. It could be any number but the minimum is 5.
  • Now we ask ourselves, ‘What am I grateful for today? What am I happy about? What do/did I really appreciate? What’s particularly valuable to me? What am I proud of today?’ and start writing our answers without putting too much conscious thinking into it.
  • We go as quickly as we can, don’t judge our thoughts, just write down any positive thoughts, all the grateful/appreciative/happy thoughts that come up in our mind. We are as specific as we can when we describe/explain the things that come to our mind.

That’s it.

If we do this exercise consistently, day after day, we will very soon start to notice the positive effect it has on our mindset, and, of course, on our feelings.

Reminding ourselves what we are grateful for and happy about helps us to create positive thoughts. It directs our mind away from crisis, complaining, self-pity towards feelings of gratitude and abundance.

We start feeling better, day by day.

What’s in your ‘treasure chest’ of positive thoughts and feelings?

Give it it try.

Sit down and create your first daily list of all the good stuff in your life.

Take the first step of your mind- (and life-) decluttering journey today.

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