Are you feeling stuck?

Frustrated with your lack of excitement about life after 50?

What if you decided to take action – to change things to the better?

Instead of wasting time feeling stuck you could decide to become an expert in using the most powerful tool in the world – your mind.

Learn how to let go of limiting thoughts so that you can move on with purpose – feeling active and energized, enjoying your life at 50plus.

photo Margo @ Let Go - Move On

My name is Margo and I am a 50plus life coach.

Like most of my clients I am over 50.

And I feel good about it.

I’ve learned how to coach myself – how to think, feel and act on purpose. That’s made all the difference to me.

I now live my life on purpose and with passion. That feels really good!

And you can do and feel the same!

Just make the bold decision to take your life in your hands again.

Trust me – you can figure out what you want in your life at 50plus, you can become the person you truly value and love.

The best way to get unstuck is to take a step – and start moving.

Let’s do some coaching!   

The free virtual coaching session offers you the opportunity to experience the power of your mind in a very practical way:

Just pick a topic – anything that’s currently going on in your life – and let’s talk about it.

During our 30-45 min Zoom meeting you’ll gain greater awareness of what’s happening in your mind right now and how this affects what’s happening in your life. Often, that’s all we need to take action and make things better.

At the end of our conversation you will know what you can expect to gain from coaching, and whether it’s the right time for you to start the mind-decluttering journey now.