Your Simply Organised Coaching Options

One-on-one Coaching

Simplify and optimise how you organise your daily life and how you manage tasks, time, physical paperwork, and digital information. 

And, yes, get some help – to make progress easier and faster.

I don’t know why you are here, but you are here for a reason.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, would you?

Do you feel that some areas of your daily life are a bit out of order?

    • Do you feel frustrated about the disorganisation of your paperwork (physical and/or digital) – do you yearn for more space, clarity, and order around you?
    • Do you want to get the stress and hectic out of your daily life – do you want to take control of your to-do list and organise your calendar more efficiently?
    • Do you think that building some new daily routines or better habits would make your life easier?
    • Do you want to get rid of some ‘mind clutter’, self-limiting thoughts and unhelpful beliefs that keep you from living the life you want to live?
    • Or do you … (Fill in the blanks. Why are you here?)

Do you have enough of trying to sort it out on your own?

    • Yes, you want to do the decluttering and organising work – but you don’t want to invest time, effort, and energy in implementing complex organising systems.
    • You just want a simple and easy-to-install organising solution that is 100% aligned with your unique needs.
    • You want to be able to rely on someone who can give you what you want: expert advice, personal support, individual guidance, actionable tips, and practical tools.

Here is how you get what you want

My two coaching options are quite similar, but they differ regarding

    • the amount of time the two of us will spend together,
    • the frequency and intensity of the support you’ll get from me,
    • the amount of time and money you’ll invest.
 Your Simply Organised
Your Simply Organised
Desired outcomes of coachingClarity & Action PlanPersonal support &
Topics of coaching session(s)Whatever you decide you want to focus on
Duration of coaching1 week1 month
Number of coaching sessions15
Type of coaching sessionsZoom calls
Duration of coaching sessions60 minutes
Coaching frameworkThe ADA Framework
DocumentationNotes and next-actions checklist after each session
(via email)
Email-supportDuring the week
after our session
Between sessions,
as often as needed
Your time investmentYou decide how much time you want to invest.
Make a plan:
Time for coaching session(s)
+ time for personal reflection and planning
+ time for doing the organising work
Your financial investmentAUD 95 (*)AUD 475 (*)
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Your Simply Organised Power Hour
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Your Simply Organised Roadmap
(*) I offer a 10% discount to the subscribers of my Simply Organised Newsletter. Please, get in touch before you book, and I’ll send you the discount code.

It’s easy to book your coaching option and to schedule your coaching sessions:

    1. Choose the coaching option that suits you best.
    2. Click on the image of your choice (see below) to book and pay.
    3. Open the confirmation email in your inbox, and then the link to my calendar.
    4. Schedule our call(s) at a time that suits you.
    5. And off we go!!!

Now it’s time to make your choice,

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