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Feeling stuck 

Feeling stuck from time to time seems to be a ‘typical’ human experience. Most of us know how it feels like – and we don’t like it.

Sometimes it happens ‘out of the blue’. Sometimes it’s directly related to the begin of a new stage in our life. Often it’s caused by major changes of our life circumstances. 

Feeling stuck has countless faces. It can show up as restlessness, lostness, loneliness, unhappiness, confusion. We might feel frustrated, irritated, resentful. Or we suffer from a lack of direction, energy, motivation, passion.

However the experience might look like for each of us – it’s not comfortable, it doesn’t feel good.

Feeling stuck puts our life on hold. We find it difficult to make decisions, to take action and move on. It keeps us from enjoying ourselves and our life. 

So how can we get unstuck and excited about ourselves and our life again? 

It’s actually not so difficult to make things better, we have all we need to make the necessary changes in our life:

We own the most important change-management tool in the world – the human mind.

Our mind – the thoughts we are thinking – determines how our life looks like:

Our thoughts create our feelings – which fuel our actions – which create the results in our life.

As soon as we let go of limiting thoughts and feelings, we create space in our mind and we can move on with new and more powerful thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The Mind-Decluttering Program

The Mind-Decluttering Program helps you successfully manage the journey from feeling stuck to living intentionally, with new clarity, energy, and joy.

The steps of the mind-decluttering process are actually very similar to the steps we take when we declutter our physical belongings.

Imagine you decide to declutter your wardrobe.

    • You first take everything out so that you get a clear idea of all the clothes you currently have.
    • You then make some tough decisions about the stuff that doesn’t serve you (any longer). You get rid of everything you no longer need or want to have in your wardrobe.
    • And then you have gained new space to reorganise everything so that your clothes are easily accessible and usable. Now you can enjoy your wardrobe and what’s in there again.

The mind-decluttering process follows the same 3 steps:

The Mind-Decluttering Process

The Benefits of the Mind-Decluttering Program

At the end of the program,

you will walk away with a profound set of mind-decluttering skills and a toolbox filled with effective self-coaching concepts and strategies.

You will be very good at living on purpose:

    • You will have a deep understanding of your mind and how your thoughts create the results in your life.
    • You will know yourself better; you will know better what you want to think, feel and do on purpose.
    • You will have proven to yourself that you indeed have the power to take control of your mind – and your feelings – and that you can direct them to change your life to the better.
    • You will have practised the mind-decluttering concepts – and you have become good at applying them intentionally to any situation or circumstance in your life.

How to get started

The free virtual coaching session offers you the opportunity to experience the power of your mind in a very practical way: After a short introduction of the mind-decluttering approach we do some coaching!

Just pick a topic – anything that’s currently going on in your life – and let’s talk about it. During our 30-45 min conversation you’ll gain greater awareness and clarity. Often, that’s all we need to take action and make things better.

The free coaching session also allows us to start to get to know each other.

The success of the program depends not only on your commitment and engagement, it’s also based on mutual trust.

Thus, the two of us – you and me – want to make sure that we are a really good match. 

At the end of our conversation you will exactly know what to expect, and whether you are ready and willing to start the mind-decluttering journey into a better life.

Take the first step of your mind-decluttering journey today.

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