Free self-coaching exercise – in exchange for survey participation

self-coaching survey

Are you willing to share your thoughts about self-coaching with me?

Self-Coaching is the greatest skill we can learn.
If we know how to coach ourselves, we can handle anything.

The purpose of my self-coaching programs is to help women clear up their mind. They learn to get rid of self-limiting thoughts and feelings. They free themselves up, they start to take action and create the life they want to live.

I am currently revising my self-coaching programs to make them even more effective and powerful.

To do so, I need help. Your help! 

I need the insights and ideas from women who dare to take action to make their life better. Women like you and me.

Please take my short survey!

Your answers are so valuable, they will help me truly care for the interests and needs of women who care about themselves – women like you and me. 

As a little Thank You Gift you will get a powerful and practical self-coaching exercise‘How to take action and make changes in your life’. 

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photo Margo @ Let Go - Move On
self-coaching survey