From feeling cluttered to feeling good

This is for women 50plus who have enough – of the ‘too much’

This is for women 50plus …

… who have decided that it’s the right time in their life to clear it all up – and move on – with lightness and clarity.

This is for women 50plus …

… who have created and accumulated so much over the years – experiences, skills, knowledge, accomplishments, family, friendships, other relationships, careers, money, possessions, …,

… who want to keep the good stuff, yes, of course, but are determined to get rid of all the ‘too much’ – they no longer want it to eat up their time, energy, space.

This is for women 50plus …

who want to feel good in their home and enjoy their life.

If this is you,

    • you probably have lots of decluttering experience. You possibly know exactly what to do – but you struggle to get it done. You’ve tried to clear up, maybe several times – without much success. You gave up too soon. Or you finished the clean-up – but the clutter came back.
    • Or maybe you never had a big issue with clutter, feeling good with all the stuff in your life. But now you are in transition, you want to change and evolve. You want – you need! – more space, more clarity, more freedom. So you made the decision to let go of the parts of your past that no longer suit you and hold you back.

Either way,

you’ve come to hate the ‘too much’ that keeps you from moving forward.

And maybe you have even started to hate yourself a bit for not doing what you said you wanted to do.

You may feel stuck. Or overwhelmed? Confused? Like a failure? Definitely highly frustrated.

By all means,

you are an experienced mature woman,

you can look back to so many challenging things that you’ve mastered –

why can’t you get this done, why can’t you get the clutter out of your life?

It’s just because you haven’t addressed the real cause of the problem yet.

The cause of the problem is not what you might think.

    • It’s not the ‘too much’ stuff in your home.
    • It’s also not the practical part of the decluttering, the doing, the physical actions.
    • And it’s definitely not you – there is nothing wrong with you.

It’s the clutter in your mind – the limiting and disempowering thoughts and feelings you’ve collected over the years and never cleared up:

This type of clutter is the only reason if you are struggling to clear up your home and life.

So, the clutter in your mind is what you need to get sorted out as well. This is the solution to your problem.

As soon as you start cleaning up your thinking and feeling, getting rid of the physical clutter is just a practical exercise. You just get it done.

And then your are free to move on.

Use your next home decluttering project to become a master of my 3-step mindful decluttering approach – and you are ready to create space, order, and clarity in any other clutter area of your life as well.

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photo Margo @ Let Go - Move On

My name is Margo and I am a ‘clutterfree life’ coach.

I help my clients let go of the ‘too much’ – all the things, thoughts, feelings, and actions that don’t serve them, that hold them back from moving on into a spacious and enjoyable life.

My mindful decluttering approach

is clear, simple, and effective.

Whether it’s physical stuff in your home or limiting and unhelpful thoughts in your mind, you always take just 3 steps to clear up the mess:

    • You gain awareness of your present reality. – Where are you now, what do you have in your home / in your mind?
    • You make decisions about your desired reality. – Where do you want to be, what do you no longer need to have in your life?
    • You take action to create your future reality. – How can you re-organise what you want to keep and make it accessible and usable?

It’s easy to learn these 3 steps, and it’s easy to apply them to clear up any clutter in your life.

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