This is for you if you are a woman 50plus

This is for you. – If you want to feel good. In your clutterfree home and life.

If you want to enjoy more space, clarity, lightness.

So is it for you?

A clutterfree home is a great starting point if you want to create positive change in your life.

Sorting through your belongings and making decisions about what you want to keep and what you no longer need helps you clarify your values and define your priorities in life.

How do you get started?

Book the free Getting Started session with me – and get instant access to my clear and simple 3-step decluttering approach.


We’ll talk about the cluttered areas in your home. And about the changes your want to make.

You’ll get a better understanding of what’s holding you back from clearing up your life.

I’ll teach you how you can apply the 3 steps to make your next decluttering project a success.

At the end of our meeting you’ll know exactly how to get started and how to get it done.

The great ‘side benefit’:

While you are taking the 3 steps to clear up your physical stuff,

you at the same time learn how you can use this powerful method to tackle any other cluttered areas in your life as well.

Let go of the clutter and move on with your life!

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photo Margo @ Let Go - Move On

My name is Margo and I am a ‘clutterfree life’ coach.

I help my clients let go of the ‘too much’ – all the things, thoughts, feelings, and actions that don’t serve them, that hold them back from moving on into a spacious and enjoyable life.

My mindful decluttering approach

is clear, simple, and effective.

Whether it’s physical stuff in your home or limiting and unhelpful thoughts in your mind, you always take just 3 steps to clear up the mess. 

And I’ll tell you what these powerful 3 steps are.

It’s easy to learn these 3 steps, and it’s easy to apply them to clear up any clutter in your life.

Are you ready to take the first step into a clutterfree life?

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