Introduction to the 5-Step ‘Let Go – Move On’ Program  

The negative side effects of clutter

Having too much physical clutter in our home and too much emotional / mental clutter in our mind can make life unnecessarily difficult and frustrating.

Clutter steals our energy, it limits our personal potential, and our decision-making ability – we tend to feel stuck, overwhelmed and stressed. We often struggle to take action to change our life to the better.

It doesn’t have to be like this – we can overcome our procrastination and start to make positive changes!

The positive side effects of home-decluttering

By sorting through our belongings and letting go of what no longer serves us, we not only create more space in our home.

We also create more spaciousness in our mind – we gain clarity, focus and new energy to change whatever we want to change and to move on with our life, with new confidence.

Decluttering our home is especially helpful in life-change situations

The decision to release any physical and emotional clutter is one of the most important steps in the process of positively changing our life.

The ‘Let go – Move on’ program has been developed to help you confidently and successfully manage any kind of change in your life:

  • Intentional changes of life circumstances  (e.g. starting a new career, moving in with your partner, downsizing to a smaller place)
  • Expected life transitions  (e.g. becoming an empty nester, entering retirement)
  • Unexpected life-changing events  (e.g. winning the lottery, getting divorced, loss of a loved one)

Declutter your home and change your life

A declutter project is a great opportunity to gain profound insights about yourself and your life.

If you prepare the process carefully, if you organise it in a systematic way and conduct it consciously, step by step, you can use your decluttering project to create positive changes, in your home and in your life.

It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to declutter and change your home, or whether you wish to use the decluttering process to change your life – the 5-step ‘Let Go – Move On’ program will guide you securely through the process so that you can achieve the outcome you desire.

5 steps into a clutterfree life

Removing the clutter without a deep understanding of its causes and its ‘purpose’ in your life is like ‘sending it on a short holiday’. You remove the symptoms for a while but you don’t resolve the underlying problem(s). This will result in a superficial and short term success. The clutter will come back!

To make real change happen, you need to invest some time and mental work before and after the practical activity of decluttering physical belongings.

That’s why it takes 5 steps to walk into a clutterfree life:

Step 1 – Get started

Before you start to do anything you have to become well aware of where you are now and why you want to change (your home/your life), and you have to determine where you want to be tomorrow.

Having a deep understanding of your current situation, your values and your vision will enable you to set clear goals, to make the right decisions later in the process and to get and stay focused and motivated on your declutter journey.

Step 2 – Map the space

If you wish to change your living situation, you first have to understand its current condition and core elements. That’s why it makes sense to get to know your home and your belongings better.

And you should not forget to have closer look at the most important ‘element’ of your home: you! You alone – your needs, dreams, ideas, beliefs, capabilities – determine the purpose and the success of the decluttering project.

Step 3 – Plan for action

Decluttering is a strenuous physical activity, is mentally demanding, often gets very emotional and takes time. Your want to avoid feeling overwhelmed even before you start or losing momentum during the process.

Thus, it is important to prepare and plan the work carefully and realistically. A detailed action plan will guide you safely through the practical part of the decluttering process.

Step 4 – Let go

Now you do the physical work: Sorting, decluttering, and organising. And the mental work: Making decisions.

You take all your belongings out and sort them into categories. And then you make decisions, based on and guided by the insights you gained in Step 1 to 3. You choose what you wish to keep and how you want to organise it. And you decide what you no longer need and how to discard it.

Step 5 – Move on

After the hard work is done and the clutter is sorted out, it’s time to celebrate! And then, when the party is over, you want to make sure that you continue on the chosen path.

Maintenance of the new and clutterfree order in your home (and in your mind!) is key to long term success. New routines and habits and regular checks help to keep you on track.

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