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LET GO of the clutter in your life, MOVE ON with new clarity, energy, lightness.

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My name is Margot, and I am a Clutterfree Life Coach.

This is a new profession that combines the qualities and skills of

    • a life coach – an expert in mind and life decluttering and organising and
    • a professional organiser – a specialist in home decluttering.

I work with women 50plus who have enough of having too much ‘stuff’ in their life, who want to clear it all up – and move on – with more clarity, lightness, energy, and joy.

Life can feel a bit ‘cluttered’ at 50plus.

At this stage of our life, we all have accumulated a lot over the years, such as

    • experiences and insights,
    • relationships and social networks,
    • skills and knowledge in various areas,
    • careers, accomplishments, money,
    • routines and habits,
    • opinions, beliefs, and thought patterns,
    • and possessions.

Now we are at a point at which many of us want to make some changes.

We feel that it is the right time to ‘declutter’ our life, to create more space and clarity – for ourselves and for our future.

We want to keep the ‘good stuff’, of course, but we are determined to get rid of the ‘too much’ – all the belongings, the duties and responsibilities, the thought patterns, habits, etc. that no longer serve us, that eat up our time, energy, attention, space.

It takes three steps to declutter our life.

While I am working with my clients (one-on-one coaching via Zoom), we use my mindful decluttering approach to help them

    • Gain awareness of what they currently have in their life; also, what’s currently going on in their mind.
    • Make decisions about where they want to go, what they really need and wish to have in their life, and what they want to let go of.
    • Take action to get rid of any unnecessary stuff, to take control of what’s happening in their mind, and to create the life experience they want.

What about you?

Do you also have the nagging feeling that there is too much ‘stuff’ from the past in your mind and in your life, and that it’s keeping you stuck?

Do you feel it’s time to let go and move on?

A clutterfree life is a better life!

Your first step into a more spacious and lighter life could be to book a consultation call with me.

Let’s talk (via Zoom) and find out how we can work together to help you let go of what doesn’t serve you any longer, so that you can move on and fully enjoy yourself and your clutterfree life.

Are you ready – ready to take the first step?

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