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Decluttered & Organised BLOG ARCHIVE @ Let Go – Move On

What’s your focus of interest – Home Decluttering or Mind Decluttering? 

Just ask me – I now can easily find the information you are interested in. 

All my blog articles are now nicely organised in two ‘containers’ with clear labels:

Blog - Focus Home DeclutteringOne ‘container’ contains all the blog posts that focus on Home Decluttering topics.

Blog - Focus Mind Decluttering

The other one stores the articles that focus on Mind Decluttering issues.

The reason why I decided to do the work and why my blog archive is now clutterfree and well sorted:

Recently, I felt a bit ashamed because I – the ‘clutterfree life’ coach – struggled to find one of my blog posts under the ‘clutter’ in the archive.

A client wanted to get her sentimental belongings – items inherited from her mother – sorted out. I thought that a blog post that I had written about this topic a while ago would be helpful to her. 

But then I had a typical clutter experience – I couldn’t find that post. I knew it was somewhere but not where exactly. So it took me a while to search around in my archive. Finally I found it.

But I knew that it was time to declutter and organise my blog archive. 

And I had a typical decluttering experience – I discovered articles that I had forgotten about and was happy to see again. And others that might have been useful at the time I created them but now no longer were up-to-date and needed to go.

I made some tough decisions. And then got everything that I wanted to keep nicely organised.

Now I know again what I have in my blog archive and where I can find it. 

I can’t say that I was happy about the time I had to invest in the decluttering and organising process but I totally like the result. It was worth the time and effort. 

That’s a typical clutterfree experience:

The process of letting go of what we have kept but don’t need (any longer) is not always fun and very often hard work – but the result is always positive:

More order, space and clarity. More reason to feel relaxed, content, and peaceful.

More …   Fill in the blank – What are the feelings that you experience at the end of a successful decluttering project? 


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