Our mind - not the stuff in our home - .... - part 21 - Mind Decluttering

Our mind – not the stuff in our home – is the cause of our (clutter) problems

Where does the clutter in our life come from?

As human beings, we all have clutter in our life:

    • Belongings in our home that we don’t need, use, love.
    • Thoughts in our minds that don’t serve us.
    • Feelings in our heart that disturb our wellbeing.
    • Actions in our daily life that draw us away from where we want to go.
    • Results in our life that keep us stuck.

The most damaging category of clutter is the clutter in our mind.

This type of clutter – all the self-limiting thoughts and unsupportive beliefs – is so powerful because the mind-clutter causes all the other types of clutter in our life.

Why we need to actively manage our mind

An unsupervised mind gets easily cluttered.

Left on its own, the lack of direction and guidance causes the mind to come up with automatic thoughts which then create feelings and actions that can

    • cause us to create a mess in our home,
    • damage our relationships with others and with ourselves,
    • hold us back in our personal development,
    • keep us stuck in a job we don’t like or slow us down in our career,
    • make our financial situation difficult,
    • keep us from setting and reaching goals and creating the life we want to have.

However, it’s within our power to take back control and clear up the mess in our mind – and in our life.

In fact, our mind can become our best and most supportive friend – if we take the initiative and learn to manage what’s going on up there and how to get rid of anything that’s not serving us.

How we can start to manage our mind and our life successfully

The best way to start is to focus.

Instead of trying to change everything to the better in one go, we take a step-by-step approach.

We choose just one area of our life and commit ourselves to get it sorted out.

Clearing up this one area – and the related part in our mind – will build and strengthen our ‘decluttering-muscles’. We become experts in recognising clutter and sorting it out.

We also become mind-management experts.

Now we are the ones who decide what’s happening in our mind. Limiting thoughts are no longer tolerated, we get really good at letting go of what doesn’t serve us.

We gain space and clarity in our mind. Now we are free to move on with new useful thoughts, feelings and actions – which help us to create the results we want to have in the chosen area of our life.

Your home could be the one area of your life that you focus on.

Team up with your mind and get the clutter out – out of your home and out of your mind.

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