Defining our desired future identity makes it easier to make changes in our life - Part 13

YOUR FUTURE IDENTITY depends on what you choose to think TODAY

The purpose of the ‘Powerful Questions Series’ is to help us open up our mind to new possibilities and development options.

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When we decide to make changes in our life, when we start to move towards achieving our goals, we are not only starting to do something differently.

Before we can start to act differently, we need to learn to think and feel differently.

We are becoming someone different, we are building a new identity.

Thus, let’s not focus so much on what we are going to do differently, let’s instead focus on defining our new identity.

We can ask ourselves:

    • ‘Who am I becoming?’
    • ‘How does that person – the new me – make decisions?’
    • ‘What does that person think?’
    • ‘How does that person feel?’
    • ‘How does that person act?                     


You can’t change your past but you can choose how you want to experience the future – because you can choose your future identity. 

Play around with the questions above and find your unique answers – so that you can build a close relationship with your future you.

Focusing your thinking on your future identity will help you think, feel and act like the person you want to become.

Step 1: Define your new identity

These are just a few examples of new-identity ideas:

    • ‘I am becoming someone who is really good at home and life decluttering ’
    • ‘I am becoming a mindful person,’
    • ‘I am learning to be a conscious shopper.’
    • ‘I am determined to become the organiser of my mind, my home and my life.’

Step 2: Describe how you will think, feel and act differently.


My future identity: I am becoming a successful ‘declutterer’

What I will think: As an expert declutterer I make sure that there is no clutter in my mind and no clutter in my home. I only ‘own’ thoughts and belongings that serve me. My mind and my home are clutterfree and organised.

How I will feel: I feel determined and confident.

What I will do: I practice mind-decluttering every day, and I create useful habits and routines that help me to keep my mind and home clear and clean.’

Now it’s your turn! Who do you want to be?

Fill in the blanks:

 ‘I am becoming a _______________.’

‘These are the thoughts I am going to think about myself and my life:



‘This is how I will feel and act in future: 



Now you know what to do – you can start to practice your future thoughts, feelings, and actions – and become the person you want to be.

You can use your next decluttering project to work on your future identity.

While sorting through your belongings you can ask, ‘Does this thing belong to my past? Is it related to my past identity?’, and, ‘This thing, do I really need it in the future? Does it fit to my future identity?’

If you struggle to define your future identity, or if you find it difficult to plan and manage your decluttering project in a future-focused way – just get in touch.

I am a home- and mind-decluttering expert and I’d love to help you!

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