What s going on in your mind - Powerful Questions Series - Part 3

Thinking better makes life better

If we want to make changes in our life, we have to make changes in our thinking – because what we think on a regular basis determines our life experience:

Our thoughts create our feelings, which fuel our actions, which create the results in our lives.

Before we can think about changing our thoughts, we need to become aware of what we are actually thinking.

The mind-decluttering model (based on ‘The Model’, The Life Coach School) is a great took that we use in coaching and self-coaching to gain greater awareness of what’s going on in our mind. CLICK HERE to learn more about the mind-decluttering process, OR HERE to read about the similarities of mental and physical clutter.)

Whenever a result in our life is not what we want it to be, whenever we don’t feel or act as we want to, we can ask ourselves powerful awareness-creating questions like these:

    • What’s going on in my mind right now?
    • What am I thinking?
    • Does it serve me?
    • How does it make me feeling?
    • And acting?
    • Do I like the results created by my thoughts, feelings, and actions?


It’s always good to write down the questions and our answers.

We get a clearer view into our mind and a better understanding of our thinking if we ‘take everything out’ and put it on paper.