What s really important to you - Powerful Questions - Part 9

Knowing and living our values gives life structure and stability

The purpose of the ‘Powerful Questions Series’ is to help us open up our mind to new possibilities and development options.

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What can we do to fully live our life in the present, in the here and now?

When things are not easy or uncertain – like just now, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic – we get more concerned about life, health and even death than we normally are.

Often, deeper questions about our life and ourselves come up in our mind.

Instead of pushing away these potentially unsettling questions, we can deliberately decide to find our very personal answers to them.

Defining our values and our purpose in life can give our mind and our soul structure, stability and direction.

We can ask ourselves questions like these:

    • What is really important to me in the different areas of my life?
    • Am I currently neglecting important values and principles?
    • What do I want to achieve in my life, today and tomorrow?
    • Where do I want to focus my time and my energy?

And then we can use our answers to now truly ‘value our values’:

    • How can I pay more attention to what’s important to me in my daily life?
    • Could I start a new personal or professional project, here and now, that’s closely linked to my values and my goals?

Life is happening now and here. It’s not on the other side of self isolation and other Covid-related restrictions. We can’t put it on hold for a couple of months.

Knowing what’s important to us can help us value and fully live our life – no matter what the current circumstances are.

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