How do you want to feel today - Powerful Questions Series - Part 1

Why it is so important to ask our mind the right questions

The purpose of the ‘Powerful Questions Series’ is to help us open up our mind to new possibilities and development options.

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Our mind is the most powerful tool we have – if we learn how to use it properly.

If we don’t pay close attention to our mind it will do what it is used to do and good at – and that’s constantly looking out for danger and risks that could jeopardise our well-being.

As long as our mind runs on autopilot it’s in survival mode.

    • In order to keep us alive and safe it pays close attention to the bad things, to the things that are wrong with us and with the world.
    • It wants us to feel afraid of the things outside and it wants us to doubt our abilities, so we don’t go out and get in dangerous situations.
    • It wants us to keep things as they are and it doesn’t want us to change because trying to do new things or walking into unknown areas could be risky.

So if we let it do what it wants to do, our brain will bring up a lot of negative thoughts and limiting self-talk. And as we have seen, it does so on purpose and with good intentions.

Understanding the reason behind the negative and limiting tendencies of our mind is the first step if we want to take control of our life. Because understanding it makes it easier for us to realise that this is just the way our mind automatically works – if it’s left on its own. It’s not the only way.

We can decide to no longer let our mind run on default. We can take our power back by telling our mind that it’s no longer in charge, that it can relax and calm down because now we will take the lead and tell it what to do and where to go.  

We can use powerful questions to guide our mind in the right direction.

One of the various ways to take control and to use our mind as a powerful positive life-management tool is to ask the right questions.

When we ask ourselves powerful questions, our mind opens up and answers with powerful and positive thoughts.

It shifts toward constructing better thought patterns than it was used to bring up on default. Thinking better makes us feel better. And when we feel better, we are better able to take the necessary actions that allow us to create the results we want to have in our life.

An example of a powerful question: ‘How do I want to feel just now?’

The purpose  of this question is to create greater awareness of what we are thinking and feeling during the day.

It also helps us to define the feelings we want to feel, and to find the thoughts we need to think to create those feelings.

We experiment with several powerful questions during the course of the 12-day-program.

However, in the beginning we focus on just one question:

“How do I want to feel just now?”


    • Sit down every morning, think about the question for a few minutes, then write down your answer.
    • Don’t forget to also think about the question several times during the day. Ask yourself at different times of the day and in different situations how you want to feel right in that moment. 
    • Make it easy to remember the question during the day, by writing it on several post-its which you distribute around your place, for example, or by putting it into your calendar, setting an alarm, etc. 
    • Invest 2 or 3 minutes in the evening to consider and write down how the exercise worked out for you. How often did you think about the question? Did it help you to define how you wanted to feel? Did it help you to feel like you wanted to feel? How long did you feel the desired feeling?

For more information about the power of positive questions (and the negative effects of negative questions) CLICK HERE.

Our mind is not just a powerful tool. It’s a very trustworthy friend and supportive helper in our daily life – if we ask it the right questions.

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