Declutter and organise your life before you start something new

Decluttering & organising our life makes starting something new easier

A clutterfree & organised start into a new chapter of life is a better and easier start.

The beginning of a new phase in our life can be a great opportunity to intentionally give ourselves a fresh start – creating more space, freedom and lightness in all areas of our life.

Examples of new opportunities for a fresh start are:

    • Ending a relationship, or starting a new relationship
    • Renovating the house
    • Moving to a new place
    • Starting a new job
    • Entering retirement
    • Becoming an empty nester

These and other new beginnings become easier if we don’t burden them with the stuff of the past. We don’t want to take along what might hold us back in the new stage of our life.

It can be a relief to intentionally decide what no longer serves us (= clutter) and let it go before we move on.

So how can we manage the re-organisation of our life intentionally?

The three main steps of any decluttering & organising project are always the same –it doesn’t matter if we re-arrange our home, our paperwork, mind – or our whole life:

STEP 1 – We get everything sorted and gain awareness of what we currently have in our life 

We take everything out, we sort and categorise it. What are the things – what are the thoughts and the feelings – that serve us, and what are the ones that burden/hurt us?

STEP 2 – We let go of the clutter by making intentional decisions 

We honour our values, needs, and goals by deliberately letting go of the things – and the thoughts/feelings – we no longer need/love/want to use.

STEP 3 – We create new order in our life by taking massive action 

We reorganise the things – and the thoughts/feelings – we want to keep in a way that serves us, and we move on with clarity, space, and lightness.

Enjoy the clutterfree & organised start of a new phase in your life!


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