How do you want to feel today - Powerful Questions Series - Part 1

Why it is so important to ask our mind the right questions

Our mind is the most powerful tool we have – if we learn how to use it in a powerful way.

If we don’t pay close attention to our mind, it will do what it is used to do and good at – and that’s constantly looking out for danger and risks that could jeopardise our well-being.

If we let it do what it wants to do, our brain will bring up a lot of negative thoughts and limiting self-talk throughout the day – just to keep us where we are and away from doing new or difficult things.

We can decide to no longer let our mind run on default.

We can take our power back by telling our mind that it’s no longer in charge, that it can relax and calm down – because now we will take the lead and we decide what we want to think, feel, and do.

Thinking better makes us feel better. And when we feel better, we are better able to take the necessary actions that allow us to create the results we want to have in our life.

When we ask ourselves powerful questions, our mind opens up and answers with powerful thoughts.

One of the various ways to take control and to use our mind as a powerful positive life-management tool is to ask the right questions.

An example of a powerful question: ‘How do I want to feel just now?’

The purpose of this question is to create greater awareness of what we are thinking and feeling during the day.

It also helps us to define the feelings we want to feel, and to find the thoughts we need to think to create those feelings.


    • Sit down in the morning, think about the question (‘How do I want to feel today?’) for a few minutes, then write down your answer.
    • Try to remind yourself to think about the question again and again throughout the day. Ask yourself at different times of the day and in different situations how you want to feel right in that moment. 
    • If you don’t feel and act as you want, you can ask yourself: ‘What do I need to think right now to make me feel and act the way I want?’


Let’s say your answer to your question in the morning was, ‘I want to feel calm today’.

But then, on your way back from work, you notice that your are feeling stressed and frustrated.

Now you ask, ‘What do I need to think to feel calm instead of stressed and frustrated right now?’

The answer might be: ‘These are the thoughts I want to focus on now: Work is over for today. That’s good. I managed to get a lot done today. That’s also good. I’m looking forward to taking care of myself and relaxing at home. That’s very good. :)’


Tomorrow morning, take a few minutes to find your answer to the example question, ‘How do I want to feel today?’

And then, throughout the day, practice becoming aware of your feelings and deliberately changing your thoughts whenever necessary.

For more information about the power of positive questions (and the negative effects of negative questions) CLICK HERE.

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