Habit Creation 2 - Powerful habits depend on powerful thoughts

Clutterfree thoughts + powerful habits = clutterfree life

Clutterfree thoughts -> help us create powerful habits -> which help us create a clutterfree life

Where does the clutter in our life come from?

As human beings, we all have the tendency to accumulate clutter.

It shows up as

    • Thoughts in our mind that don’t serve us.
    • Feelings in our heart that disturb our wellbeing.
    • Actions in our daily life that draw us away from where we want to go.
    • Results in our life that keep us stuck.

The most damaging category of clutter is the clutter in our mind.

What we think determines how we feel and act, and what we create in our life.

If I, for example, have ‘clutter’ thoughts about my home and my organising skills, these thoughts can easily trigger a ‘clutter-cascade’, which could look like this one:

    • ‘Clutter’ thoughts

‘My home is a mess. I don’t know how to organise my belongings and create a clean and clear place. Why is this so hard? What’s wrong with me?’

    • create ‘clutter’ feelings

I feel incapable. Overwhelmed. Stressed.

    • which initiate ‘clutter’ actions/habits.

I’m not doing any decluttering and organising work, instead I’m spending every free minute on social media or Netflix – so that I can find relief and distraction from the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. I continue buying things that I don’t really need. I push more stuff into hidden storage areas. I avoid being at home and being confronted with all the stuff.  

    • And what I do/don’t do creates ‘clutter’ results:

I live in a disorganised messy home that’s full of clutter. I can’t enjoy my home.

This simple example helps us see

    • why it is difficult/impossible to act and behave in a way that leads to the results we want
    • if our mind is cluttered with unhelpful or even harmful thoughts.

However, it’s within our power to take back control.

We can clear up the mess in our mind

and form powerful behaviours and habits that help us create the clutterfree and enjoyable life we want.

We can change the situation described above just by deliberately choosing more powerful ‘clutterfree’ thoughts.

Thinking differently will create different feelings, actions, and results:

    • ‘Clutterfree’ thoughts

‘My home is not what I want it to be. That’s okay, I can change it. I am going to get good at decluttering and organising my belongings. I’m going to create habits that help me get and maintain a clean and clear place – a home that I can enjoy.’’

    • create ‘clutterfree’ feelings

I feel determined. Active. Capable.

    • which initiate ‘clutterfree’ actions/habits.

I learn what I need to know about behaviour changes and the creation of new habits. I develop a clear idea of my ideal home and an action plan that will guide me from here to there. I consider the obstacles that might show up on my way and how I’m going to overcome them. I stop judging myself and practice new empowering ways of thinking about myself. I remind myself that I am on a journey and that I’m going to move forward, taking one small doable step after the other. I start this journey now, taking the first step.

    • And what I do/don’t do creates ‘clutterfree’ results:

I get good at taking the steps and building the habits that help me create the home I want.

What about you?

What might be the ‘clutter’ thoughts that currently keep you from building powerful habits – habits that would make it easier for you to create the life you want?

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