Living intentionally at 60plus - short introduction 2

Living Intentionally – Short Introduction – Part 2

Now, that we have defined what intentional living means, it’s time to consider how the concept plays out in real life.

Living intentionally – What does that look like?

Living an intentional and organised life looks different for each of us, of course.

Each of my clients has very personal and unique goals and ideas about what they want to achieve and why they want that.

Decluttering and organising physical stuff and personal information.

For some of my clients, the focus of the work is creating more space and order in their personal environment. They want to clear their home and belongings or optimise their physical paperwork and digital information management. Their intention is to enjoy more spaciousness, clarity, and lightness.

Planning, organising, and successfully realising bigger changes in life.

Others want to get well prepared for bigger changes in their life – like entering retirement or downsizing – by sorting out what belongs to the past and efficiently organising what they want to take into the future. The objective here is to feel in control of the change process and to manage it confidently and successfully.

Simplifying daily life and efficiently organising time, energy, and other resources.

Many of my clients are determined to make the organisation of their daily life easier and more enjoyable. They want to get really good at managing their work, their projects and tasks, their time more efficiently. They intend to get rid of any overwhelm or stress, to get things done and to achieve desired outcomes.

Clarifying and reorganising life after experiencing loss or other unwanted challenges.

For some of my clients it’s unexpected disruptions – like the loss of their life partner or a critical illness – that force them to adapt themselves and the various areas of their life to the new conditions. They want to gain clarity and direction and use the decluttering and reorganising work to help them cope with the unwanted changes in their life.

How can we create and enjoy an intentional and simply organised life?

It takes just three steps! >READ MORE>

What about you?

Are you living your life intentionally?

And if yes, what does that mean to you?

What does it look like in your daily life?


Are you tired?

Tired of trying to (re)organise the various areas of your life entirely on your own?

Tired of investing vast amounts of time and energy in finding a way to create a better organised = better life?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, stressed, disappointed, exhausted, …?

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself.

We can do it together.

You can decide to get my support, advice, and guidance – and achieve the desired changes in your life so much faster and easier. 

Check out how I can help you.