Habit Creation 0 - Clutterfree-home habits lead to clutterfree-life habits

Our home is the ideal place to practice the habit-creation process

The best way to start getting better at forming powerful habits is to prioritise and focus.

Instead of trying to change behaviours and habits in all areas of our life, we take a step-by-step approach.

We decide to start practicing the habit-creation process in one area of our life.

And we commit ourselves to get this area sorted out with the help of successfully established habits – before we move on to change/improve another area.

Our home is the ideal place to focus on first.

Properly prepared and conducted home-improvement projects not only create positive change in our home.

Doing decluttering and organising work repeatedly and consistently also helps us build useful daily-life routines and clear up our mind and form powerful thought habits.

These are the main reasons why our home is the ideal place for behaviour-change practice:

    1. The process of decluttering and organising our belongings delivers fast and visible outcomes:

As soon as we get active, we can directly experience – and enjoy – the results of our actions.


        • After investing 10 minutes in cleaning our kitchen countertop or dinner table, we can enjoy its clear surface – a surface that 10 minutes ago had been cluttered.
        • Regularly decluttering and sorting our socks ensures that we find what we need when we open the underwear drawer in the morning.
        • As soon as we start a daily 5-minute paperwork-decluttering habit,we can observe how the pile of papers on our desk is shrinking day-by-day, until it’s gone. And if we stick to our 5-minute habit, it has no chance to build up again.
        • Introducing the routine of picking up and putting away all shoes and worn clothes in the evening creates immediately an atmosphere of calmness and clarity in our bedroom.
    1. The experience of immediately visible positive results strengthens our trust in ourselves and our actions.

It triggers a sense of ‘I can get active and create results’, ‘I’m able to manage and organise myself and the work I want to do’, ‘I can create positive changes in my life’, ‘I’m able to take action repeatedly and consistently’.

This type of thoughts makes us feel motivated to do it again, and again.

    1. Successfully practiced behaviour habits have positive effects on our thinking habits.

While we take action repeatedly and practice new behaviours regularly, we become really good at forming powerful habits – not only practical behavioural habits but also new powerful mental habits.

We find it easier to think better of ourselves and of our capabilities and get better at letting go of the clutter in our mind – all the self-limiting thoughts and feelings that can make it so difficult to do the things we want to do.

    1. Successful home-improvement habits can be transformed into life-improvement habits.

The powerful behaviour and thought habits that we build while we are decluttering and organising our home not only create positive change at home.

They also help us build powerful habits in other areas of our life:

We can use our new habit-creation skills again and again, and start more and other powerful habits that help us positively change our relationships, our finances, our career, our body and health issues, our calendar, etc.

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