Two powerful decluttering questions)

Two powerful decluttering questions

If you don’t feel motivated to get your stuff sorted out and to let go of any clutter, or if you feel motivated but feel unable to decide what’s actually clutter and what’s not,

Ask yourself:

    • Who will most probably (have to) clear up my belongings after my death?
    • And what do I want them to think about my stuff – and about me?

Yes, I know, most of us don’t like to think about our mortality.

That’s why we actively avoid thinking about what is going to happen with our personal stuff and who will have to take care of it when we pass away.

Because it forces us to think about the things we own and the reasons why we own them – and how we feel about those reasons.

Take some minutes to think about the questions. Write your answers down. Have a closer look at them.

Is there anything new and/or helpful you learned about yourself, and about your stuff?

Do you feel more motivated now to start your decluttering project? More determined to make some let-go decisions?

My personal Example:

When I die, most probably my husband will have to take care of my stuff. I assume, however, that he will not be able or will not be willing to do the work. He will ask my sisters or his own sister to help him clear up my stuff.

I imagine my sisters and my sister-in-law at our place, having to go through my possessions – my clothes, my jewellery, my books, my paperwork, my digital information, etc.

In my mind, I see, like in a movie, how they open my wardrobe. I see them as they are taking out all my clothes and shoes. And having to make decisions about them. I see them while they are working through the boxes that contain my sentimental papers. And so on.

And, again and again, I ask myself: What will they think and feel about me while they are going through my stuff? Do I want them to think and feel that way?

I remember that I felt very uncomfortable the first time I thought about the questions. But I tried to answer them. And found the answers helpful.

They really helped me make progress, particularly with decluttering my paperwork. I was able to decrease the amount of paperwork, sentimental and other, by half.

I don’t do this exercise often.

But from time to time, for example, while I’m digging my way through the overcrowded drawer with my underwear, I stop and think:

Do I want anyone to see this mess? And to clear it up?

The answer is usually ‘no’.

And 10 minutes later the underwear drawer is clutterfree and nicely organised. 😊


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