Why we need a clear mind to create a clutterfree home - part 22 - Mind Decluttering

Why we need a clear mind to create a clear home

We think that the clutter in our home is the problem.

And that it’s hard to get this problem solved.

But these thoughts are not the truth. They are just thoughts.

The truth is that the activity of decluttering our physical belongings is actually quite easy.

We just need to take 3 simple but powerful steps:

    1. Taking everything out so that we get a clear idea of what we have (Gaining awareness)
    2. Deciding what no longer serves us and therefore has to go (Making decisions)
    3. Reorganising what’s left so that it’s accessible and usable (Taking action)

So why do we experience the decluttering process as difficult and hard to do?

    • Why do we struggle to get started and do the things we want to do?
    • And when we finally get active – why do we easily get stuck, feeling unable to make let-go decisions?
    • Why do we give up in the middle of the process?
    • Or, if we manage to finish it, why does the clutter come back?

The real problem is the clutter in our mind.

The clutter in our mind – all the limiting beliefs and unhelpful thoughts – makes us feel weak, confused, stressed, overwhelmed, stuck.

Typical clutter-thoughts that cause the clutter in our homes are:

    • This is too hard!
    • It’s too much work.
    • I can’t do this.
    • I never could do things like this.
    • I don’t know how to do it.
    • I don’t have the time.

Thinking these thoughts makes us feel powerless.

And if we feel powerless, we, of course, feel unable to take powerful action.

So, nothing changes:

The physical clutter stays where it is, our mind keeps its harmful thoughts, our feelings keep us stuck and inactive.

We continue to believe that the clutter in our home is the problem, and we feel unable to find a solution to the problem.

The real solution to our (clutter) problems is a mind that’s free of limiting clutter-thoughts.

We must focus our attention and work on the clutter in our mind first.

And we can apply the same 3-step process that’s the foundation of any successful physical decluttering project:

    1. We first gain awareness: We have a closer look at what’s happening up there in our mind. We start to understand better how our thinking determines how we are feeling, and what we do or don’t do. It becomes clear to us why we don’t have the results we want to have.
    2. We then make decisions: We decide which thoughts no longer serve us and have to go. We also decide what we want to be thinking instead. Our new powerful thoughts give us access to feelings like confidence, trust, energy, determination.
    3. Finally we are ready to take action: Feeling powerful enables us to take control of what’s happening in our home and life. We are ready to get it done – we get it all cleared up and the clutter out of our house and life.

What is your most dominant clutter-thought?

What are you thinking on a regular basis about yourself, and the stuff in your home?

Can you see how this mind-clutter keeps you from seeking and finding solutions for your home-clutter problem?



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