The beauty of these 10-minute challenges is their simplicity. They're designed to be quick and easy, allowing you to experiment without investing much time.

Your 10-minute Challenges help you get Simply Organised.

The 10-minute Challenge series is part of my weekly Newsletter, ‘Simply Organised.’

I introduced this series after some of my subscribers suggested making the newsletter emails even shorter, less complex, and more practicable.

The purpose of each challenge is to help you organise yourself and your life better.

The challenge could relate to managing your home, your physical paperwork and digital information, your to-do list and calendar, and, of course, to managing your mind/mindset.

The beauty of these 10-minute challenges is their simplicity.

They’re designed to be quick – just 10 minutes! -and easy, allowing you to experiment without investing much time.

You’ll know almost immediately if the suggested exercise is beneficial for you. If it is, incorporate it into your routine. If not, simply move on to the next one.

‘Your 10-minute Challenge’ Series

#1 – Declutter your phone. (NL #20)

Take 10 minutes to uninstall the apps on your phone that no longer serve you. 

Go through your list of apps and ask yourself about each of the apps (and answer honestly!):

Do I need this? Do I use it? Do I love it?

If the answer is three times no, the app doesn’t serve you and it doesn’t deserve space on your phone (and your mind). It’s time to uninstall that app.

#2 – Take control of your priorities. (NL #21)

Take 10 minutes to choose and appreciate your top 3 priorities.

Start your day by taking 5 minutes to assert control over your time and tasks. Choose your top three priorities for the day: the three tasks, appointments, or activities that you believe deserve most of your time, energy, and attention today.

Then, in the evening, take another 5 minutes to evaluate where you actually spent your time, energy, and attention. Did you focus on your priorities? Is there room for improvement? Is there anything you want to do differently tomorrow?

#3 – Take 10 minutes to take care of your self-care. (NL #22)

Allocate (at least) 10 minutes of your day to self-care activities.

This could be anything that rejuvenates you, such as exercising, talking with a friend, meditation, or indulging in your hobby.

Remember, investing in yourself is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

#4 – Make yourself feel good about one small area in your home. (NL #22)

Choose one small area in your home and spend 10 minutes (or more if you want to) to sort out what you no longer need.

Examples of areas you could focus on:

    • A kitchen drawer: Remove utensils and gadgets you never use.
    • The fridge: Clean out old leftovers and expired items and organise what’s left.
    • Flat surfaces: Walk through your home and remove ‘the too much stuff’ from coffee tables, shelves, counters, etc.
    • The socks drawer: Get rid of socks that are worn out or missing their partner.

#5 – Spend 10 minutes doing nothing. (NL #25)

(This challenge was submitted by a subscriber – Thank you, Pippi L.)

Schedule 10 minutes in your calendar and spend them not doing anything. You might allow yourself to look out the window, but that’s it.

This is a great exercise to calm you down on a hectic day. It gets you fully into the present, the here and now.

#6 – Invest 10 minutes to create space in your email inbox. (NL #25)

Do a quick run through your inbox, deleting any irrelevant emails and unsubscribing from any newsletter you are no longer interested in.

If you need less than 10 minutes for this task because you don’t delete many emails, it could mean you are assigning too much relevance to too many messages that don’t deserve it.

If it takes more than 10 minutes, no problem. You can decide to continue the challenge tomorrow.

#7 – Spend some pleasurable minutes planning your next ‘Pleasure Day. (NL #27)

    1. Choose a date for the next Pleasure Day and put it in your calendar.
    2. Inform the people in your life who might want/need to know about it.
    3. Start a list of the things you will allow yourself to do on that day because you enjoy doing them. – These could be things that you look forward to eating, drinking, reading, watching, etc., because they usually are on your ‘not-allowed’ list.
    4. Also, collect some ideas about the things you will not allow yourself to do because you don’t enjoy them. – Examples: No difficult conversations, annoying household chores, work-related work, healthy but boring food, time-consuming grocery shopping or meal preparation (unless you love doing that), etc.

#8 – Start breaking an unwanted habit – in 10-minute steps. (NL #30)

Letting go of an unwanted behaviour gets easier if you build a new habit – postponing the habitual behaviour for (at least) 10 minutes.

    • Example: If you want to break the habit of grabbing your phone anytime you feel a bit bored, frustrated, nervous, etc., you can decide to build this new habit: Whenever you feel like picking up the phone, you tell yourself, ‘No, not now’ and put the phone away for (at least) 10 minutes. Tip: Make your phone lock screen something that will remind you of your intention: a photo, image, or a quote, whatever works for you.
    • Another example: If you want to reduce the amount of coffee you drink during the day, you could place a sign ‘No, not now’ next to the coffee machine to remind you to postpone the next cup of coffee for a bit (at least 10 minutes).

At the end of the 10 minutes, you might do the postponed behaviour/action. And that’s fine, the goal was to only postpone it, not to completely drop it.
However, after some time, you will probably notice that you often no longer feel the urge to do the unwanted thing after the 10 minutes have passed. You might even forget to do it. 😉

I will add new challenges to this list as soon as they are published in the Simply Organised Newsletter.

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