Mind AND Home Decluttering Success - 4-week kickstart training

The Magic Pill for your decluttering success – New and special kickstart training

Your ‘Mind and Home Decluttering Success’ Training

Summary Main Features:

    • 4 weeks short (4 one-on-one coaching sessions)
    • Focus on you and your next decluttering project
    • Mindful and practical approach
    • Key takeaways: detailed action plan, decluttering toolbox
    • RESULT: A clear mind ready to create a clear home

There is no general ‘magic pill’ that makes clutter disappear over night.

But –

What if there is a special magic pill for youa reliable and sustainable way for you to get any clutter problem sorted out?

The kickstart training ‘Mind and Home Decluttering Success’ is your magic pill.

In just 4 weeks you learn all you need to get yourself in the pole position. You’ll have a head start on your next decluttering project.  

This time you’ll reach the goal. You’ll go all the way through, from start to finish, and create the home/life you want.

A successful decluttering project has so many benefits:

    • You not only gain more space and order in your home,
    • you also build up clarity, confidence and peace in your mind,
    • and you fill your life with more energy, passion and lightness.

A mindful preparation is the foundation of any decluttering success – it’s your magic pill.

What’s the secret ingredient of your magic pill?

It’s your mind!

Your mind is the most powerful companion you can ever find.

And the good news is that it’s willing to jump in and help you get rid of the stuff that currently keeps you stuckif you take the lead and tell your mind what you want and how you are going to achieve it.

As soon as you become best friends with your mind, you have all the power you need to achieve any goal, to solve any problem – and clutter will no longer be an issue in your life.

Where can you get your magic pill?

You can get it here:

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Getting-started Session

What is the purpose of the ‘Mind and Home Decluttering Success’ training?

    • To get you (and your mind) ready prepared for your decluttering project.

At the end of the four weeks, you are an expert at managing your mind effectively.

And that makes you think, feel and act differently:

    • Your self-limiting thoughts have been cleared up and replaced with new powerful thoughts.
    • The feelings of overwhelm and confusion are gone, the desire to procrastinate no longer exists, giving in to the clutter is no longer an option.
    • Now you are willing to take action and get the desired results – and you know exactly how you are going to get the decluttering work done – efficiently and successfully. 

What are the main features of the training?

    • It’s new and special.– It’s not just another decluttering program. It’s a completely new approach: It integrates the power of your mind into the decluttering process. Because working with – not against – your mind is the only way to make your home-decluttering project a sustainable success.
    • It’s a ‘joined forces’ process. – It makes your success unavoidable by teaming up three strong partners: you, your mind, and me (see below). You are not alone on this journey!
    • It’s s very focused. – It’s all about you. And the decluttering project you choose to work on.
    • It’s short. – It takes only 4 weeks.
    • It’s well organised. – It has a clear structure (one getting-started session, three coaching sessions) that’s based on the 3 simple and clear decluttering steps: Awareness, Decisions, Actions.
    • It’s easy to do. – It takes you by the hand and guides you though the process, you just take one step at a time, always exactly knowing what comes next and how to do it.
    • It’s practical. – Its coaching sessions and homework exercises are designed specifically for you – and everything that you learn is directly applicable.
    • It’s resourceful. – It offers you lots of resources, customised to your needs and interests (exercises, tips, guidelines, background information).
    • It’s effective. – It finishes after 4 weeks – and you are ready to go and get it done – well equipped with an action plan for your decluttering project, and a box full of mind- and home-decluttering tools that you can use in any area of your life.

Who is running the training?

As said above, the training is a team project. You partner up with your mind – and with me.

You will get to know us, your mind and me, better during the training but let me briefly introduce myself here:

Picture Margo @ LET GO - MOVE ON

My name is Margo.

I am a Certified Life Coach and a Professional Organiser.

Mindful decluttering is my speciality – that’s why I call myself a ‘Clutterfree Life’ Coach.

Working many years side by side with my clients on their clutter issues has taught me that we need to get our mind on board if we want to make our decluttering projects sustainable successes.

We can’t clear up our life by just throwing things out of the house. The clutter will come back. That’s because our mind – not the stuff in our home – is the cause of our clutter problems.

So we need to understand what’s going on in our mind, we need to declutter and reorganise our thinking – otherwise our often self-limiting thoughts will continue to result in feelings and actions that create clutter – stuff that doesn’t serve us and life experiences that we don’t want.

During the 4 weeks of the kickstart training you and I work closely together with your mind to get you well prepared for your next decluttering project.

You want to make it a success and you will make it a success by becoming an expert in managing the practical and the mental aspects of the decluttering work.

The first step is to book the Getting-started Session.

The one-on-one Zoom meeting is a great opportunity for the two of us to get to know each other and to talk about your decluttering project(s).

And to answer any question you might have about the training or other clutter-related topics.

Are you ready to get ready?

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